Our Employer Toolkit Giveaway includes:

A free 2-week trial of the full Pivot Breathe app, along with several resources tailored for employers.
Breath Sensor
The Pivot Breath Sensor

We'll provide you with our FDA-cleared Breath Sensor, allowing you to experience its effectiveness firsthand. Our sensor has been clinically validated to support individuals in achieving long-term success.

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Conversations With A Health Coach

As part of your trial, you'll be assigned a dedicated health coach who provides tailored support via private in-app chats. This mirrors the same experience your employees will enjoy with our program.

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Tools And Challenges

While exploring our extensive collection of tools and challenges, you’ll gain a deep understanding of their value for your employees.

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Our trial grants you instant access to our entire lesson portfolio. By partnering with Pivot, these resources will give your employees valuable insights to address underlying smoking triggers and unlock their self-confidence.

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Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) makes it easier to manage cravings and reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Explore how your employees will experience ordering NRT in-app.

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And More!

You will also receive employer resources that will ultimately support you with minimizing absenteeism, reducing healthcare costs, and improving employee productivity.

Boost Enrollment
Boost Enrollment

Your workforce wants to quit smoking: Tobacco users are eager for an employer cessation program. With Pivot Breathe, you'll see 5–10x more enrollments in as little as 30 days.

Help Your Employees Succeed
Help Your Employees Succeed

Increase quit success by 10–20x: Your employees will gain access to Pivot's FDA-cleared Breath Sensor, expert health coaching, comprehensive tools, and exciting challenges.

Reduce Healthcare Costs
Reduce Healthcare Costs

Reap the financial rewards: You'll reduce your company's annual healthcare costs by $4,000 for every employee who quits.

Improve Productivity
Improve Productivity

Stop tobacco's daily impact on your business: Supercharge your bottom line with reduced absenteeism and presenteeism while boosting productivity and a healthier workplace.

Resources for Employers

Why Your Company Needs an Employer-Provided Smoking Cessation Program
Best Practices for Promoting Smoking Cessation Programs Among Employees
How to Make Your Workplace Smoke-Free

Tobacco Use By The Numbers


of people who smoke want to quit


of Pivot Breathe users quit within 12 months

1 in 5

Americans use tobacco products

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