Pivot - Attitudes Toward Tobacco Use in the Workplace

Attitudes Toward Tobacco Use in the Workplace

Is reducing tobacco consumption among your employees a priority for you?


of employers say yes.

Instating or updating tobacco cessation programs as an employee benefit is trending for 2022. Why should changing this be a priority for HR teams? Tobacco use negatively impacts workplace productivity, and short-term and long-term employee health, and exacerbates many chronic conditions.

Pivot’s Workforce Attitudes Towards Tobacco in the Workplace is based on the responses of over 500 HR professionals and 1,500 tobacco-using employees at midsize to large companies across 5 industries with high tobacco usage rates (construction, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, or transportation). The insights gathered provide compelling benchmarks for other HR/Benefits professionals as they look to improve their employee benefit offerings in 2022.

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